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A relic from 1909

The old cellar is the emblematic place, which shows what used to be the basement of Juan de Narbona's estate. It is currently used for tastings and events.

Also in our new cellar, built in 2010, we have a charming room, ideal for social or corporate meetings.

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The old cellar, built in 1909, represents the tradition and centuries-old legacy of the winery. With its stone walls and classic design, it is a place where the essence of yesteryear viticulture is preserved.

On the other hand, the new cava reflects modernity and oenological innovation. Built with cutting-edge technology, it offers optimal conditions for aging and storing premium wines. Its design and equipment allow you to control temperature, humidity and other key factors to guarantee the quality of the wines.

Both cavas, old and new, are fundamental to the identity of Narbonne, since they represent the harmonious fusion between tradition and innovation in the production of excellent wines.

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