Common Areas

The antique cellar

Originally from 1909. Next to the museum where cachilas are observed, know the old methods of vinication with cement containers where ancestral development by gravity is highlighted.

It has an old Wood stove, next to a large wooden table, where we conduct tastings and private dinners. The decoration of old traditions with hanging hams, cheeses maturing and barrels where lie some of our wines in development.

The new cellar

Surrounded by fudres of French oak and suitable for modern winemaking, but in a place that preserves an old style and artisan feeling. You enter through an imposing plate gate with points of boats, wide stairs made of old iron. Adobe walls inside, coated with limestone showing sea shells fossils extracted from the area. Round iron lamps coated by burlap with much originality. Dim light according to the requirements of the place.

Inside The New Cava, a large wooden table awaits you with an infinite wall of bottles. Two luxurious but balanced livings with the rustic atmosphere generates preppy. On its walls rests our large reservesUnfold, mostly French oak barrels and other American oak where our wines are maturing.

Colonial yard

With a magnificent view to the front lines of our 15 hectares of vineyards. You can take a break during the day in our Colonial Patio, fully vintage acclimated, where you can see the windows and doors kept from the old navy and enjoy a glass of wine watching the best sunset view.

Large table boards, under a roof of vines that change color depending on the season. Next to a water fountain, you also find small marble and iron tables, for having tea.


The Lounge is located next to the reception, next to the colonial yard. The guests can make use of it to hear good music, reading, or just relaxing by the fireplace.

They can also enjoy one of our distillates (cognac and honey grappa) with a tasty imported habano.

Pool bar

The same is next to the pool and gym. Surrounded by gardens and lots of nature, there you can enjoy a beautiful sunset behind the vineyards, lying in their comfortable cushions, where our own wines are served from Narbona old bar.

Live the Narbona experience

We invite you to stay in one of our suites and enjoy some of our world famous wines.