Our Activities

Our challenge is much greater, we want our guests to enjoy a nique experience and therefore accompany your accommodation with various internal activities or outdoor, air immersed in an environment of vineyards, native trees, pine and coast of Uruguay River within Uruguayan countryside.

Guided visit to the cellar

Free of charge

A tour through the Lodge from the hand of our Guest Relations. The tour consists on meeting every corner of Narbona Wine Lodge so you can enjoy from another point of view our establishment.

Access to Puerto Camacho

Free of charge

You may use the private beach in Puerto Camacho. Here you can find palapas, suitably equipped to enjoy one of the most incredible coastal sundown.The restaurant “Basta Pedro”, located in Puerto Camacho, offers joy to live a classic dining experience Uruguayan kitchen, where you can enjoy a delicious Uruguayan goat or some delicious pizzas baked on a clay oven.

Outdoor Pool

Free of charge

Located at the right side of the old building of the Lodge, facing the vineyards and surrounded by gardens. The pool is outdoors and is equipped with lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels and outdoor shower. This is one of the best places where you can enjoy a glass of wine Narbona.

Bike and kart rides through the vineyards

Free of charge

We have available last generation Trek bikes. We invite you to visit our circuit of 15 acres of vineyard.

Our kart (similar to a golf cart) for up to 4 passengers is available for you to enjoy a stroll through our vineyard at any time of the day.


Free of charge

Our gym has available belt treadmill and bicycle, as well as variety of weights. It is available in the pool area.

Reading Room

Free of charge

Located inside the Lounge and overlooking the Colonial Patio, you will be able to find there general interest books, board games and movies to enjoy in your room.

Narbona's Wine & Cheese tasting

Charged additionally

A tour through the Old and New cellar by the hand of our winemaker. When finished, it will take place a tasting of three wines Narbona, accompanied by a variety of cheeses from our selection. It will be held in La Antigua Cava.

Narbona Food & Wine Pairing

Charged additionally

A surrounding through the old and the new cellar by the hand of our winemaker. When finished, it will take place a tasting of four wines Narbona, accompanied by different tapas made by our own chef. It will take place at the new Cellar.

Picnic in the vineyards

Charged additionally

Encourage yourself to a relaxing time in touch with nature and in the middle of the vineyards. Enjoy an exquisite camp basket filled by our artisan cheeses, sandwiches, fruits, jam and the Narbona’s wine that you prefer.

Oenologist for a day

Charged additionally

We invite you to live an unique experience in our lodge. You will feel like part of our wine cellar and you will be able to prepare your own wine from several samples that our enologist will provide you. Then you will be able to take your own wine made that same day with you and share it with your friends and family once back home.

Elaboration of Grappa

Charged additionally

You will learn the secrets of this spirituous beverage and you will be able to prepare one according to your wishes. Be part of the process with the alembic next to our enologist and prepare in the lab the mixture of virgin grappa and honey.

Horse riding & old carriage ride

Charged additionally

For your convenience, we have different daily schedules in which you can enjoy a magnificent horse guided walk of about 50 minutes, accompanied by our experienced gauchos.

As in past times, but with nowadays comfort, you have the opportunity to travel through the area in an old carriage led by horses.

Sunset Cruise

Charged additionally

Camacho Port has exclusive boats to travel along the river enjoying the nature and peace that characterizes the area. Enjoy the sunset cruise seeing the sundown over the Rio de la Plata.

Kayaks & Canoes

Charged additionally

In case you enjoy adventurous sports, here you have the chance of practicing it traveling through the stream “Las víboras” and exploring some of the islands of the Carmelo surroundings with the kayaks and canoes that are offered by Camacho Port.

City Tour

Charged additionally

Tour through the city of Colonia del Sacramento enjoying the scenery, history and culture of a typical Rioplatense city.

Chopper ride

Charged additionally

If you wish to fly, take this aerial trip through the area by helicopter with our pilot. You will be able to see the zero point where the Rio de la Plata River and the Uruguay River join, fly over the vineyards and pine forest. Live in person another way of meeting Carmelo from the air.


Charged additionally

Carmelo Golf is destined to be the number one golf course in South America, this magnificent 18 holes professional golf court, par 72, already has fan players, who do not stop commenting about its natural beauty and challenging design. Among numerous large lakes, wetlands and native trees, everything is designed to create the most perfect and memorable sport experience.

Live the Narbona experience

We invite you to stay in one of our suites and enjoy some of our world famous wines.